May 142012

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Republican congresswoman and former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has given up the Swiss citizenship she has held for 34 years. “I automatically became a dual citizen of the United States and Switzerland in 1978 when I married my husband, Marcus,” Bachmann said. “Marcus is a dual American and Swiss citizen because he is the son of Swiss immigrants. I guess you could say he swings both ways.

“My staff told me to say that; apparently it’s a joke.

“Since I ran for president largely on a platform of making gay marriage illegal, and my husband runs clinics to cure homosexuality, my staff thought it would be funny if I said that Marcus swings both ways. But I still don’t get it.”

Critics have lambasted Bachmann for not disclosing her dual citizenship until now, despite running for president and holding office as a U.S. Representative. Bachmann maintains that her citizenship is a “non-story. I don’t do much in Congress anyway, so my citizenship is really not an issue.

“I mean, sure, I’m on the House Intelligence Committee, but my foreign citizenship should have no bearing on a congressional committee that oversees secrets vital to U.S. interests overseas. Men kissing other men is a much bigger threat to national security. Why can’t you people see that?”

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