Aug 212012

NEW YORK, N.Y. – The term “f–bomb” officially made it into mainstream vocabulary last week when Merriam–Webster included it on their Collegiate Dictionary. This new entry came about in part because of its increased use in society, and also because publishers of reference books want to stay current to appeal to a younger demographic. “We really think that including ‘f–bomb’ in the dictionary will get kids totes ciced ’bout words, yo,” said Kory Stamper, an associate editor for Merriam–Webster. “Our updated site,, is off-the-hook crunk, bitches!”

Many experts in academic and literary fields say that literacy has declined sharply in recent years among younger persons, largely due to poor grammar in many Internet postings and the use of abbreviations in texting and chat rooms. Merriam–Webster is hoping to move kids towards greater literacy by including such terms as f–bomb. “It’s the thin end of the wedge,” said Editor in Chief Dr. Frederick C. Mish. “If we can start by getting youth interested in vocabulary, we have a chance to further educate them. This is becoming especially important in our modern global society. While other industrialized nations around the world are making great strides in education, U.S. students are lagging far behind. Merriam–Webster is hoping to help reverse that trend.

“Oh, who the fuck am I kidding,” he added. “These kids don’t have a chance.”

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