Aug 192012

WHEATON, Ill. – Wheaton College, an evangelical liberal arts school, has asked a Washington, D.C., federal court for an injunction against the Obama administration’s emergency contraception coverage mandate. Wheaton is one of several religious institutions, including Roman Catholic organizations, currently suing the Obama administration over the rule, which went into effect August 1. “President Obama is forcing all women everywhere to use contraception in violation of their religious beliefs,” said Wheaton College spokesperson LaTonya Taylor. “Well, not forcing actually. The contraception coverage is simply available to those who wish to use it, like nonreligious employees, and Catholic women, 98 percent of whom already use contraception.

“But we’re still suing Obama’s administration for his radical policies. I don’t know how they do it in Muslimland where he comes from, but it’s not how we do things here in Christian America.”

It was revealed later, however, that the Wheaton College health plan already covered the contraception. “Oh, we’ve always had that coverage?” Taylor said. “Well, we’re still furious at President Obama for…lots of stuff. His strong-arm tactics are providing women with much-needed care—care that we were already providing them. This is the worst of nanny-state socialism, and we will fight this to the Supreme Court if we have to.”

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