May 082013
U.S. news outlets “came this close” to covering the crisis in Syria

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After over two years and tens of thousands of deaths, executives in the American news media have acknowledged they “gave serious thought to” covering the ongoing battles of the Syrian civil war. “On the surface, this story seems to have all the elements we look for in a newscast,” said Davis Rhodes, president of CBS News. “There are all kinds of explosions and shit, which is pure TV gold in the U.S. [click here for full story]

May 032013
New Zealand slams the back door on baby names

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — Yesterday officials in New Zealand released a list of baby names which were put forward by parents for their children but were rejected by authorities. The list of 77 names shows that one couple wanted to name their child “Anal.” “If they want to name their baby ‘Anal’ it’s surprising they have a kid at all,” said New Zealand Attorney General Christopher Finlayson. “I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think [click here for full story]

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